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Disgraced and Ruined

Outcast to the fringes of the Galaxy

Silvas "Gunrunner" Sila
6 June
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Note from the Mun: Gunrunner is a drug dealing, assassin with a foul mouth. If you have problems with drugs, alcohol, violence, sexuality, adult content, swearing and the like, you shouldn't read this journal. This is your warning, YOU have been warned! This is definitely at least an NC-17 if not at times R rated journal.

Who am I? I am a gunrunner, a trader in some of the finer goods, simply misplaced in transit. Some would call me a thief, an assassin or worse a cold-blooded killer but if you hear it from them; it is obvious they have never spoken to me. Let's just say life would become very hard for them should they say such things before me.

Some more clues to his most charming personality.

Mun Note: Gunrunner in an OC for the Babylon 5 Fandom and is a fictional character played for mu_muse Babylon 5 and its characters are the property of J. Michael Straczynski and Warner Brothers Television. No copyright infringement is intended. And No this is not really Snake from Escape from LA nor does it have anything to do with Kurt Russell.. he just has the right image for this characters personality. devoutly maintained by ta_laitha